Google My Business for Artists

Ok cool, so you got yourself verified on Google My Business. Now what?

Google My Business EXPLAINED

First off, let me explain that Google My Business (GMB) is a very easy way to enhance your local SEO strategy. You get to appear on the right side of the search engine results page (SERP), it's quick access to your website, and above all - when a user sees the profile they do not have to think too hard to get what they need. And that is always the big goal with SEO. If you are techy, you can appreciate that all of this additional data you provide to Google is like dessert for those search bots that instantly crawl everything to then spit out results for users when they search. 

How can I optimize my Google My Business profile?

I'll touch on a few things, mind you, this is very high level and super basic quick and easy steps. 


As an artist, you provide a unique look to your buyers and collectors. Typically, artists specialize in a particular medium or are known for something specific. This is what you need to highlight in your profile. GMB makes this pretty easy to do, I'll get to that. 

For me, I do abstract maps. I also provide mural services. This is what I need to touch on in an "at a glance" mentality for my users. What does this mean? PICTURES. 

I also do not wish to provide mural services for anyone outside of Houston and I know I want my Houston visibility to be super strong so I limit my business location to the Houston area. 

Google My Business Navigation Menu

Let's quickly go through what these tabs can do for ya. 


Home: kind of like your basic dashboard. Just navigate around it and it is self explanatory.

Posts: I recommend trying to make one post per week. GMB posts only last for 7 days and then users cannot see them anymore. It is a great way to highlight a new product, make an announcement, spotlight an event, etc. I see a lot of artists posting about promotions or deals, or exciting new pieces they are working on. In your post, ALWAYS use the call to action button that can take a user to your website or specific product page. Remember, we don't want users to have to think.

Info: Errrthang about ya biz can go on here. Where you service, your hours of operation, your phone number, your website (MAKE SURE YOU USE YOUR FULL HTTPS VERSION OF THE URL TO RECEIVE A BACKLINK). 

Insights: This helps you track how you are doing. I'll pat myself on the back a little bit here. 


Reviews: I encourage anyone who purchases from me to write a review. I sometimes offer a discount during art markets if a buyer leaves a review for me. It takes 2 seconds for the buyer to get out their phone, Google "Kimmie Designs" and click all those 5 stars baby. 

Messaging: Users can send you a message right from your profile if someone is too nervous to pick up the phone and call or text. 

Photos: MUY IMPORTANTE. That's Spanish for very important. These photos also appear in Google Image Search results. With that being said, these images need to be optimized from the moment they are saved to your computer. Do not have the photo label read "canon9232938.jpg" or what have you. Edit the photo to have a name that is keyword targeted. Never include spaces either. Mine might be labeled something like "abstract-texas-map.jpg" Get it? 

Products: Even more importante. GMB allows you to categorize your products. This is where you can go nuts with the items/pieces/services you have to offer. As of now I only have 3 but there is so much room for expansion. I have matted prints, prints, and mural services which is broken out by category. 

Let's Wrap This Thing Up

You might be thinking, what the heck, this is going to be a lot of work for me. Yep. Welcome to the world of search engine optimization where you are NEVER finished. But every little thing you do can actually work wonders for your visibility and can help connect you to happy buyers that desperately need your gorgeous work in their homes and offices. 

If you are like - omg no I don't have time for this, please help! I do offer services at an hourly rate that can help get your GMB profile and website off the ground. Just contact me!


  • Hi Kimmie! Thank you for sharing this! I’m exploring this option for myself but cannot find any suitable “business type”. What did you choose?

  • I need help getting my company on google maps but I am not an artist

    Jerry Walsh

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