Houston Muralist for Hire

Have you been thinking about sprucing up your space? Murals are excellent ways to fill large spaces with unique designs catered to your brand or company culture. Murals have a lot of flexibility of where art can be located within your space including the wall, the ceiling, or even the floor. 


kimmie can design and create a mural for your home or commercial office, nursery, child's bedroom, your fitness studio, your school hallway or cafeteria, or any place you have an empty wall that needs transformed. kimmie can create both indoor and outdoor murals.


In this mural example, kimmie incorporated all of the school's fine arts. This school is a fine arts magnet school in Aldine ISD and offers students Dance, Drama, PE, Art, and Violin. The school is a pre-k and kindergarten campus named Reece Academy so kimmie took each letter of the name and represented each of the fine arts. R is a ballerina to represent Dance. E shows music notes to represent Music. The next E is a violin to represent Violin. C is a paint palette to represent Art. The final E is humpty dumpty on a wall to represent Drama. 

Mural Design Process

Send kimmie your inspiration and let her know the wall dimensions. She will draft out a design for your approval and send an estimated completion time.

kimmie takes the design and creates a full sketch on paper to then project onto the wall for accuracy and detail precision. Using high-quality paint to withstand both time and even direct sunlight your mural will last for years to come.



Depending on the size and level of detail will depend on how many sessions kimmie will need to complete the mural. Some murals, like chalk walls, only need one session of 2-3 hours to complete. Other murals, like nurseries and children's rooms, may need multiple sessions of 3-4 hours in order to complete. kimmie always works with you and your schedule to arrive at times that are most convenient. 


This Classic Pooh nursery mural took six sessions to complete. Each session ranged from two and a half to four hours. First, the surface was gridded and primed. Gridding allows kimmie to take a smaller image and scale it to a large wall with precision and accuracy. Layer by layer the mural was completed with the final outlines and details added in the last session. kimmie always protects non-painted wall surfaces with quality painters tape as well as uses drop clothes to protect flooring. 

Mural Pricing

There is an initial design fee + hourly rate of completion time. Upon completion, an additional fee will be charged for any hours spent over the estimation. If the project took less time than estimated you will be reimbursed.  

You may choose to buy materials on your own or kimmie will purchase the materials and add that cost onto the final price. 






Mural Locations

kimmie worked with a client to design and create a mural for a child's bedroom. The client wanted his son to have a space themed bedroom that included a rocket and also the solar system. Knowing the room dimensions kimmie drafted where each design would go for the client to approve. Once the design was finalized kimmie went on site to paint the mural.

Getting Started

Contact kimmie at sales@kimmiedesigns.com to begin the process and receive a quote for your project.