School Murals

Schools are wonderful places where children, teachers, and staff spend hours of their day. Each school has it's unique mascot and atmosphere for the building depending on the grade level. School settings quickly become a family where teachers & office staff become very close. Why not create a space in the school where you can show teachers appreciation with a mural in the teachers lounge? Perhaps the school cafeteria is in need of a makeover and the few bulletin boards within just aren't cutting it. Murals withstand the test of time and allow for a positive, welcoming, & happy atmosphere for all who enter the school to love.


School Mural Design

kimmie designs and creates beautiful murals within the school from small spaces like office doors to large scale spaces like school cafeterias. To create a timeless masterpiece kimmie works with you to best understand your inspiration & vision that will last and be relevant for years to come. 

School Mural Locations:

  • Cafeteria
  • Teacher's Lounge
  • Front office
  • Front lobby
  • Hallway
  • Office doors
  • Closet doors
  • Infrastructure beams
  • Playground outdoor area
  • Hardtop outdoor area
  • Floor

School Mural Design Process

Send kimmie your inspiration and let her know the wall dimensions. She will draft out a design for your approval and send an estimated completion time.

kimmie takes the design and creates a full sketch on paper to then project onto the wall for accuracy and detail precision. Using high-quality paint to withstand both time and even direct sunlight your mural will last for years to come. kimmie always protects non-painted wall surfaces with quality painters tape as well as uses drop clothes to protect flooring. 

Depending on the size and level of detail will depend on how many sessions kimmie will need to complete the mural. Some murals, like doors, only need one session of 2-3 hours to complete. Other murals, like ceilings and large walls, may need multiple sessions of 3-4 hours in order to complete. kimmie always works with you and your schedule to arrive at times that are most convenient. 


School Mural Pricing

There is an initial design fee + hourly rate of completion time. Upon completion, an additional fee will be charged for any hours spent over the estimation. If the project took less time than estimated you will be reimbursed.  

You may choose to buy materials on your own or kimmie will purchase the materials and add that cost onto the final price. 

Common School Mural Design Ideas:

  • Abstract colors & shapes
  • Alphabet
  • Animals
  • Abstract patterns 
  • Nature
  • Under the Sea
  • Circus
  • Motivational quotes
  • Teacher appreciation quotes
  • School mascot
  • Children playing
  • Sports

kimmie is able to create a design off of any inspiration - whatever theme you desire! Get a free quote today.