Restaurant & Bar Murals

The ambiance of your restaurant & bar lies heavily in the design aesthetics placed in the establishment. Many restaurants and bars have themes or color palettes that enhance the company brand. In this day and age it is very common for people to frequent your restaurant or bar specifically due to the unique and special backdrops to be used in filtered images & posted on social media. Whether you are a new build or in need of a spruce up, kimmie can help design and create a hand painted indoor or outdoor mural to solidify the atmosphere you desire. 


Restaurant & Bar Mural Design

kimmie designs and creates beautiful nursery murals for all types of homes. To create a timeless masterpiece kimmie works with you to best understand your inspiration & vision that will last and be relevant for years to come. 

Restaurant & bar murals can be placed on a small wall, a large space, multiple walls, ceiling, or in the outdoor patio. 

Restaurant & Bar Mural Locations:

  • Small wall area
  • Large wall
  • All walls
  • Flooring
  • Bathroom doors
  • Counters
  • Ceiling
  • Chalk walls
  • Outdoor fence
  • Outdoor wall
  • Patio

Restaurant & Bar Mural Design Process

Send kimmie your inspiration and let her know the wall dimensions. She will draft out a design for your approval and send an estimated completion time.

kimmie takes the design and creates a full sketch on paper to then project onto the wall for accuracy and detail precision. Using high-quality paint to withstand both time and even direct sunlight your mural will last for years to come. kimmie always protects non-painted wall surfaces with quality painters tape as well as uses drop clothes to protect flooring. 

Depending on the size and level of detail will depend on how many sessions kimmie will need to complete the mural. Some murals, like chalk walls, only need one session of 2-3 hours to complete. Other murals, like nurseries, children's rooms, and restaurants may need multiple sessions of 3-4 hours in order to complete. kimmie always works with you and your schedule to arrive at times that are most convenient. 


Restaurant & Bar Mural Pricing

There is an initial design fee + hourly rate of completion time. Upon completion, an additional fee will be charged for any hours spent over the estimation. If the project took less time than estimated you will be reimbursed.  

You may choose to buy materials on your own or kimmie will purchase the materials and add that cost onto the final price. 

Common Restaurant & Bar Mural Design Ideas:

  • Nature
  • Sky
  • Abstract Patterns & Shapes
  • Food
  • People
  • Animals
  • Characters
  • Colorful Lines
  • Texas
  • Western
  • Maps
  • Beach

kimmie is able to create a design off of any inspiration - whatever theme you desire! Get a free quote today.