Children's Room Mural Designer

Your child spends a lot of time in their bedrooms for years to come. It is their place to play, sleep, explore, create adventures, and become the brilliant person they were made to be. Their room should be a magical place filled with joy and wonder. What better way to create this atmosphere than a children's room mural?


Children's Room Mural Design

kimmie designs and creates beautiful children's room murals for all ages. Beginning with nurseries, elementary school age, and even the teenage phase. To create a timeless masterpiece kimmie works with you to best understand your child's likes and interests that will last and be relevant for years to come. 

Children's room murals can be placed on a small wall, a large space, multiple walls, and even the ceiling. 

Children's Room Mural Locations:

  • Small wall area
  • Large wall
  • All walls
  • Closet doors
  • Bathroom door
  • Entry door
  • Ceiling
  • Chalk walls

Children's Room Mural Design Process

Send kimmie your inspiration and let her know the child's wall square footage dimensions. She will draft out a design for your approval and send an estimated completion time. kimmie will never begin painting a children's room wall until you have full confidence and love the look of the design. kimmie will create as many versions as it takes until you are happy.


There are two ways kimmie creates murals. One is to take the design and create a full sketch on paper to then project onto the wall and trace the image for accuracy and detail precision. The other is to use a large scale grid method where the paper version will be measured out to match the square footage of the wall. She then will grid the wall and draw by hand what goes into each square. In either method, kimmie uses acrylic and paints by hand.


Using high-quality paint to withstand both time and even direct sunlight your mural will last for years to come. kimmie also varnishes the final mural for ultimate protection from dirt, dust, and hand prints. kimmie always protects non-painted wall surfaces with painters tape as well as uses drop clothes to protect flooring.

Mural Pricing

kimmie charges $26.45 by the square foot. This includes all materials needed, time to design the mural, drive time, and time to create the mural on site.

To secure the job, a down payment must be received and this will be deducted from your total square footage price. Clients typically pay in installments each time kimmie arrives to work, or you can pay in full prior to the final painting session. Each session is usually 4 hours of time unless otherwise discussed.

Client Testimonial

"Very professional and kind attitude. Kimmie has good suggestions and happily took on board modifications that I suggested. Paintings for my child's room came out great, colorful and detailed. Highly recommending Kimmie."

Common Children's Room Design Ideas:

  • Space
  • Cowboy/Western
  • Princess
  • Cartoon Character
  • Superheroes
  • Abstract designs & patterns
  • Under the sea
  • Automobiles
  • Firetrucks
  • Beach
  • Sports
  • Pirates
  • Safari
  • Camping
  • Mermaid

Children's Room Mural Areas Served:

kimmie is able to create a design off of any inspiration - whatever theme you desire! Get a free quote today.