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From Small Town, Ohio - kimmie moved to Houston in 2012 and quickly became a Texan. From wearing boots, to saying y'all, and eating chili without beans.


Her love of Houston inspired her first abstract map. The inner and outer loops is iconic for Houston and locals can spot the map design from miles away. kimmie wanted her audience to have to really stare at it to be able to figure out what it is. Hence - abstract.


Read full artist journey on published article in VoyageHouston

To create her pieces, kimmie uses acrylic paint and modeling paste as mediums. Learn more about her process. 

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kimmie's custom abstract maps

kimmie loves to create custom pieces for buyers and collectors. Everyone has a story and locations that they love. Some love their hometowns, some where they moved to, and others where they met their true love. No matter the reason for your love of a location kimmie cannot wait to help design and create a unique piece that will be a conversation piece to all your visitors and will mean something to you and your family.  

kimmie's historic love for art and creating


Born to create, Kimmie started drawing as soon as her mobile dexterity allowed her to hold a crayon. Referred to as "crowns" for the first few years of speaking. Teachers would always say she would grow up to design illustrations and boy were they accurate.


Kimmie is working on a children's book, takes on commissioned work, designs marketing materials, paints murals, and doodles on paper in work meetings. Check out her portfolio website at kimmiegillespie.com.