Commission a Houston Local Artist

A commission means you are hiring an artist to create something completely unique and meaningful to you or your loved ones. No one else in the world will own this artwork but you - which makes it even more special. Using acrylic paint, some modeling paste, and a whole lot of love - kimmie can create any kind of map.

Creating a Custom Map

Commissions are her favorite because she gets to hear the story behind why a buyer wants that map. Places have different meanings for everyone so the opportunities are endless. Do you love to bike? Do you have a favorite hiking trail? Are you proud of your hometown? Do you have big love for your current town? Did you find your soulmate somewhere special? If its a place, it has a map, and kimmie can make it for you.


Let's get the party started. Contact to begin the process of a commissioned piece. We will talk about the location, the desired size, a color palette, and a completion timeframe. 

Commission Process

First contact kimmie to begin discussing your vision, color scheme, and size. Sizes must begin at 3ft. kimmie will then sketch a draft for your approval and send you an invoice of the total cost for the project. Your deposit must be paid first which covers the cost of materials.

From that point it should take 4-12 weeks depending on the scope of the project. kimmie sends pictures along the way to ensure she is aligned with your project desires. When the piece is finished, your final payment will be due and the piece will be ready for pick-up if you are local to Houston, otherwise the piece will be shipped out. Shipping costs and sales tax will be included with the scope of the project.

Commission Inspiration

kimmie has made maps of cities and states and is currently working on a country map. More ideas include:

  • bike routes
  • hiking trails
  • continents
  • overlapping states
  • state house hallways

Dallas Ft. Worth Map Commission: The client wanted a black and white color scheme with accents of reds. This client grew up in Dallas and had two memorable, childhood homes in the city and wanted to feature his hometown in his new home in Houston. Acrylic on Canvas. 48"x 60"


Paris Map Commission: The client wanted a warm color scheme with mostly yellows and creams. The client had this painting made for his wife as a gift and as a promise that they would one day take the vacation of their dreams and go to Paris. His wife styles their home in "French Country" decor so this would fit in perfectly to their wall space. Acrylic on Canvas. 36"x 36"


Virginia Map Commission: The client wanted this piece created as a gift for her mother. Her mom grew up in Virginia and had a very sacred childhood home as well as the University she attended. These two coordinates have a unique design within the map. The client also knew her mother loved nature and so she decided to have a forest green color palette. Acrylic on Canvas. 24"x 36"


Dayton, Ohio Map Commission: The client is a music artist in Dayton and was looking for a unique piece for his studio as well as potential Album Cover art. His favorite colors have always been green, blue, and yellow. He says he really likes the contrast of these colors together. As an artist born and raised in Dayton his hometown has a lot of meaning to him and his music. Acrylic on Canvas. 20"x20"

What Have Previous Clients Asked For?

  • specific geo coordinates to be incorporated in the map to represent the homes in which they grew up
  • three states overlapping to represent where each partner grew up and where they live together now
  • actual sand added to modeling paste from the home country 
  • multiple canvas to break apart map to cover more wall space