Fitness Wall Murals

Fitness Studios are a wonderful place where clientele is loyal to the business, the brand, the community, and the atmosphere. Each studio has its unique look and feel. Decals for the wall are sometimes difficult to put on without bubbles forming and they are quick to peel and need replaced. A better alternative is to have a mural painted. The mural can represent your studio's brand or can be bright & fun or calm & peaceful depending on the atmosphere you wish to create. 


Fitness Studio Mural Design

kimmie designs and creates beautiful fitness studio murals for all types of locations from stand alone studios to licensed studios. To create a timeless masterpiece kimmie works with you to best understand your desired vision for the space.

Fitness Studio Chalk Wall

A popular concept for fitness studios are chalk walls. These allow management to easily announce sales, promote merchandise, highlight fitness instructors or members, and update customers on community events or philanthropic projects. Chalkboard paint comes in multiple colors. Depending on the type of paint you can use either chalk or chalk marker pens. Chalk marker pens work very well for lettering and script and basic chalk works best for large scale imagery and blending. 


Fitness Studio Chalk Wall Process

If you do not already have a desired wall painted kimmie can paint the material first. Once it is dry kimmie can then begin your desired artistic feel.

kimmie will work with you to discuss your vision for the space, ideas of what you want written or drawn, or basic concepts about the company and location that will be helpful to bring value to the studio. 

The great thing about chalk walls is the ability to switch things up. kimmie can come once a month to redesign your wall which will bring a fresh atmosphere to the studio. 


Fitness Studio Chalk Wall Muralist Pricing

kimmie only charges an hourly rate for chalk walls. Most walls are completed within 1-3 hours depending on the design or amount of walls. The fitness studio can provide materials or pay kimmie a fee to gather the materials. Common materials include chalkboard paint, chalk, and chalk markers. 

Fitness Studio Mural Locations:

  • Small wall area
  • Large wall
  • All walls
  • Closet doors
  • Bathroom door
  • Bathroom
  • Entry door
  • Ceiling
  • Front desk
  • Lobby
  • Studio wall

kimmie has worked closely with Harcore Fitness and Cyclebar Houston Heights

Fitness Studio Permanent Mural Design Process

Send kimmie your inspiration and let her know the wall dimensions. She will draft out a design for your approval and send an estimated completion time.

kimmie takes the design and creates a full sketch on paper to then project onto the wall for accuracy and detail precision. Using high-quality paint to withstand both time and even direct sunlight your mural will last for years to come. kimmie always protects non-painted wall surfaces with quality painters tape as well as uses drop clothes to protect flooring. 

Depending on the size and level of detail will depend on how many sessions kimmie will need to complete the mural. Some murals, like chalk walls, only need one session of 2-3 hours to complete. Other murals, like ceilings and large scale walls, may need multiple sessions of 3-4 hours in order to complete. kimmie always works with you and your schedule to arrive at times that are most convenient. 

Common Fitness Studio Mural Design Ideas:

  • Floral
  • Abstract lines & shapes
  • Abstract colors
  • Calming lines & colors
  • Waves
  • Palm leaves
  • Company logo
  • City skyline
  • Imagery relating to location
  • Superhero POP
  • Frames

Fitness Studio Mural Areas Served

kimmie is able to create a design off of any inspiration - whatever theme you desire! Get a free quote today.