Thoughts of an Artist Blog

  • End Abuse. Begin Again | A Special Map in Partnership With AVDA

    I've partnered with AVDA (Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse) to create a special map with significant meaning to me to spread hope through my story. December marked my 10th anniversary of moving to Houston. I escaped an abusive relationship while I was in college in Ohio.
  • Hired by PPG Industries at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston

    kimmie was hired by PPG Industries, and is now a proud vendor, to design a paint-by-number mural for the PPG volunteers to paint at The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston. Learn kimmie's design process and the thoughts along the way to turn the sketch into reality.
  • Kimmie Designs in RebelMagazine

    Hear about my passion behind maps and how I got to where I am today. It's been a wild ride full of twists and turns but it has all happened for a reason and I could not be more grateful! 
  • A Canadian Love Story

    We cannot thank Kimmie enough for this piece.  What I love most was her ability to capture what I was trying to portray onto the canvas.  She felt and brought the emotion to life which was apparent as it brought both my husband and I to tears when we first saw it.  It now hangs in his office where he can look at it every day.  As we enter our house it is one of the first things we see.  Sometimes I catch him just staring at it with a smile on face.  In fact, as I write this, tears come to my eyes and I am so grateful that through Kimmie I was able to give him such a special gift. -Lori B.
  • How to Make a Texas Ornament

    kimmie shows you step by step how to create a Texas Map ornament just like hers! Discover the materials you need and how to make one from start to finish.
  • Black Lives Matter: Speaking Out Using Art

    kimmie created her first political piece about police brutality in Houston using her artistic talent to speak out about Black Lives Matter. The names on this piece are of black people in Houston killed by police. Learn about the process of creating the art and plans for auctioning and donating proceeds.
  • Hiring Someone for your Art Portfolio Website Photography

    As an artist in 2020 your online portfolio is a really strong representation of who you are. It depicts your specialty, your brand, your personality, and what you stand for. Learn how to choose a photographer and pointers on what to wear for your artist branding photoshoot.
  • Comparing My Life to Frozen 2

    I had been feeling really down about my online business success. As an artist it is really not easy to be found in a general search but I had done everything in my power to optimize my site and images. I was beginning to believe the only way I could sell was through outdoor markets but during Covid-19 those are not really happening. One night I received a notification from Shopify that someone had placed an order and I couldn't even believe my eyes. I captured my raw thoughts and feelings on camera, sorry for the terrible lighting - one of these days I am going to get a ring light.
  • KD Merch Now Available!

    kimmie launches KD Merch! Dope new products such as Mini Map Texas Magnets & Ornaments as well as the biggest kept secret yet - Houston Map Dad Hats! See the heart behind this exciting launch and how you can order.
  • Making the Most Out of COVID-19

    See what kimmie has accomplished during this Pandemic Season. Be encouraged to reflect on your own journey through this difficult time of life and find the positives out of all of it.
  • Marketing Yourself as an Artist

    Learn how to better market yourself as an artist without breaking the bank through digital and print marketing efforts.
  • Google My Business for Artists

    Have you gotten verified on Google My Business but now have no idea what to do? kimmie explains some easy ways to get your profile optimized that can help lead buyers to have your gorgeous art in their homes.