Thoughts of an Artist Blog

  • KD Merch Now Available!

    kimmie launches KD Merch! Dope new products such as Mini Map Texas Magnets & Ornaments as well as the biggest kept secret yet - Houston Map Dad Hats! See the heart behind this exciting launch and how you can order.
  • Making the Most Out of COVID-19

    See what kimmie has accomplished during this Pandemic Season. Be encouraged to reflect on your own journey through this difficult time of life and find the positives out of all of it.
  • Marketing Yourself as an Artist

    Learn how to better market yourself as an artist without breaking the bank through digital and print marketing efforts.
  • Google My Business for Artists

    Have you gotten verified on Google My Business but now have no idea what to do? kimmie explains some easy ways to get your profile optimized that can help lead buyers to have your gorgeous art in their homes.
  • Kimmie Designs One Year Anniversary

    kimmie shares her inner thoughts of this past year. Feelings & secrets exposed with enouragement for others to shine their light.