Chalkboard Art for Parties & Events

Do you have a party or event coming up that requires beautiful and unique signage? Kimmie works with you to understand your party theme and color palette to design signs using chalk pens and markers. 


Houston Chalkboard Event Sign Artist for Hire

Kimmie works locally in Houston to provide a quick turnaround time for your chalk art needs. You can deliver the boards to Kimmie Designs' studio or she can work on-site where the event or party is held. 


Event & Party Chalk Signage Art Process

Discuss your party theme, colors, amount of signs, look & feel, and timeline for the event with Kimmie. She will help create an execution plan and work within your budget. 

Depending on the designs needed, Kimmie will provide drafts of the signage for approval. Either at the studio or on-site, Kimmie will project imagery or text onto the boards for precision and accuracy. Some images may be created by hand and not with the use of a projector. 

Types of Parties & Events That Need Chalkboard Signage

+Wedding Showers
+Baby Showers
+Baby Sprinkles
+Wedding Showers
+Bachelorette Parties
+Anniversary Celebrations
+Retirement Parties
+Birthday Parties
+Engagement Parties
+Welcome Home Parties
+Farewell Parties
+Divorce Parties
+Dog Birthday Pawties
+Grand Opening Events
+Pop-Up Shops
+Outdoor Markets
+Store Sales
+Graduation Parties


Event & Party Chalk Signage Ideas

Party and event signage may include the following ideas:
+Food/Drink Specials

    The sky is truly the limit, Kimmie will work with you to develop the best design for your party or event. 


    Event & Party Chalk Signage Placement

    +Small chalkboards
    +Large chalkboards
    +Fixed to the wall chalkboards
    +Chalkboard painted walls
    +Tabletop boards
    +Bar area
    +Front entryway
    +Outdoor entryway
    +Outdoor guide signs
    +Reception area
    +Menu boards
    +Pricing boards
    +Welcome boards


      Event & Party Chalk Signage Artist Pricing

      Kimmie only charges by the hour at $50 per hour. In order to remain within your budget, Kimmie will estimate the amount of time it will take to complete so you can decide the finalized design and cost. 


      Other Locations for Chalkboard Art Needs

      +Merchandise Storefronts
      +Grocery Stores
      +Fitness Studios