Abstract Map Art Process

Kimmie has a unique process to make her works of art. Specializing in maps, Kimmie primarily used acrylic paint and modeling paste.

How to Map Out the Canvas

Kimmie identifies an accurate map of the location using Google. Once she prints the map she will use a sharpie to highlight the state lines and major highways. Using a projector, Kimmie projects the edited map onto the canvas where she then traces the lines. This ensures accuracy to the piece and her clients can be at peace knowing their custom piece is drawn to scale. 


How to Prepare the Map For Painting

Once the lines are traced, Kimmie uses Frog Tape to tape over the lines. This prevents any paint from covering up the lines of the highways and state lines. Frog Tape is used for the versatility of the tape and the ease of maneuvering the tape over the abstract lines. 


How to Paint the Bases of the Abstract Map

In between each of the tape lines, Kimmie paints different and unique patterns using the desired color scheme. Kimmie uses a variety of brush sizes and odd materials such as paper towels to create the designs. Since each section is different, it really creates the abstraction of the piece. 


Untaping the Map

Once the base is painted it is time to remove the tape from the canvas. This part of the process is Kimmie's personal favorite. The removal of the tape reveals all the hidden state lines and major highways and really breaks apart all the different patterned sections. 

How to Paint the Highways and State Lines of the Map

Mixing modeling paste and acrylic paint of the desired color scheme, Kimmie adds one layer at a time to add the texture to the piece. For state lines, Kimmie typically does three layers in three different colors. For highways, Kimmie does either two or three colors. 

Adding the Major Road Systems to the Map

Lastly, Kimmie references the Google map one more time to quickly paint roads on the map with a base color. Then, mixing the acrylic paint with modeling paint, Kimmie adds another layer on top of the quickly painted lines to add the roads in detail. With the combination of the textured roads and patterned sections, Kimmie has completed an Abstract Map.

Adding Custom Identifiers on the Abstract Map

Kimmie's clients sometimes ask for personal touches to the piece including landmarks, neighborhoods, or childhood homes. These identifiers make the piece even more personal to the client and brings Kimmie so much joy to be able to create a custom piece so close to the client's heart. Kimmie will add an extra bit of texture or a slightly different color to create those special landmarks. 

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