Kimmie hears many questions from her clients and prospects regarding her art, types of prints, and processes. Please see the following frequently asked questions and answers to see if your question is here. If not, contact Kimmie and she will answer you within 24 hours. 

What is a matted print?

A matted print has a thicker border around the edges. You might see this in frames where there is a large white space between the image and the frame. Matted prints are more professional and look fantastic inside of a frame. Artists typically sign their prints in the right corner under the art with their signature, the date, and sometimes the title of their artwork on the bottom left. 

Why are your matted prints signed?

Artists sign their prints to show a buyer or collector who the artist is, the date in which it was made, and sometimes the title of the piece. If the print is from a limited series, it will show the number. For example, if only 100 prints were made and that print was the fifth one printed, it would say 5/100. It adds a personal touch to the piece and clients know they have a limited edition. 

What is the difference between a print and a matted print?

A print is a picture of a painted canvas so it can be less expensive for customers to purchase and can easily fit into a frame. Prints are typically significantly smaller than the original painted canvas. A matted print is the same as a print but will have a thick border around the artwork. Discover Kimmie's matted and regular prints!

What is a commission?

A commission is a custom made product by the artist for a client. Clients may have very specific desires, dimensions, mediums, etc that will fit their needs. The artist works with the client to create a product that fits the client's vision. A commissioned piece is a one of a kind artwork that no one else will ever have ownership of. Typically, artists do not make prints of commissioned work unless the client gives specific instruction it is ok to do so. Learn how to start a commissioned piece!

Where can a mural be placed?

A mural can be anywhere there is a surface. There are wall murals, floor murals, ceiling murals, and outdoor murals. Depending on the building or clients' needs will depend on where the mural will be placed and how big the mural will be. Essentially, opportunities are endless. Many clients love murals for their home nursery, an office, or a restaurant. See examples of Kimmie's murals!

Where should I hang my artwork?

Your artwork can be hung anywhere there is wall space! Depending on the size of the piece, Kimmie recommends small pieces for bathrooms & kitchens and larger pieces for living & dining rooms. Sometimes you do not even have to hang it. You can get a frame that allows you to prop up the artwork and those are great for small counter tops, dressers, end tables, nightstands, or desks. Kimmie highly recommends buying a frame for your art so it can be properly hung or mounted. See examples of artwork hung in different places.

What medium do you use for your maps?

Kimmie uses mainly acrylic paint and modeling paste. Learn more about her full process

Can you make a map of any location?

If a place has a map, Kimmie can make it! She can design countries, continents, islands, states, towns, hiking trails, bike trails, state parks, you name it!

Can I choose my own color scheme for a map?

You can choose any colors for your custom piece. Kimmie can assist in choosing which colors will compliment well and help you decide what colors will work best with your current or future home furnishings. 

Can you customize a print that's already made?

When ordering a print that has already been created Kimmie can add more custom details such as a marker on particular coordinates, a heart over a city, names, words, etc! The sky is the limit. Simply send Kimmie an email letting her know which print you are interested in and what you would like to be added onto it.

Can you make a smaller version of your maps?

Sometimes a 36" or 48" canvas is far too big for your current space. For a lower cost, Kimmie can commission a smaller piece on a 16"x 24" canvas. Due to a smaller area on the canvas Kimmie can only paint state lines and major highways. There will not be enough space to paint individual roads. These smaller canvas make for excellent home decor or gift ideas especially when professionally framed. See examples of work on a smaller canvas!

Should I get my artwork framed?

Kimmie believes her artwork looks best in a frame. When only buying a print it will arrive in a protective plastic sleeve. You would not want to damage the art by nailing or taping the actual print to the wall. Rather, go to your local store and purchase a frame for the print to fit inside or if you have an original canvas, take it to a local frame shop and have it professionally framed. If you catch Kimmie at a market or art show she will have prints already framed for you. Check out her event schedule!

What size frame do I need?

Small Medium Large
Texas Prints (all) 5x7 11x14 22x28
Texas Matted Prints (all) 8x10 16x20 -
Houston Prints (orange) 7x7 14x14 28x28
Houston Matted Prints (orange) 10x10 18x18 -
Houston Prints (black & white) 6x6 13x13 -
Houston Matted Prints (black & white) 8x10 16x20 -
Homecoming Series Prints 5x7 - -
Homecoming Series Matted Prints 8x10 - -
Homecoming Series Original Canvas 16x20
Texas Original Canvas 36x48
Houston Original Canvas 36x36

Can you do a series of 3 panels?

In many homes, especially living rooms or bedrooms, it is common for a large piece of art to be broken up by 3 longer panels side by side. This adds more dimension and allows the art to fill up even more wall space. Kimmie can create this, rather than making a map on one big canvas, she will create the map on the three panels that will be connected until the piece is complete, where the panels can be separated by a few inches.

Can you add something special to show a specific spot on the map?

Kimmie can add a number of unique identifiers, or markers, on the map. For example, a star or heart on a specific city or geo coordinates, a unique design on a place of the map that means something to you, or even words added to the piece. The opportunities are endless!