KD Merch Now Available!

I have officially launched my new product line called KD Merch! These include the Texas Mini Map Magnets & Ornaments seen all over my social media. In my announcement is where I finally revealed my big secret about my new Houston Dad Hats! 

KD Merch Big Reveal

Since 2019 I have been wanting to do hats. I envisioned my logo in my mind but didn't have the means to get it all together. One day when I was working an event for HelloFresh at the Houston Boat Show I met a guy who was also a vendor there, he was walking around and I of course tried to sell him a box of HelloFresh. That didn't work out too well but we ended up talking about all my other life endeavors. It turns out he runs a company to print & embroider literally anything. So we created a partnership. 

He digitized my logo I drew on paper (as I do for everything) and I found the style of hat I wanted. That's how my first batch of Houston hats was born. Lots and lots more variations, designs, & styles are in the works so don't y'all worry, KD Merch is only getting started. 


KD Merch Announcement Recorded & Transcribed

What's up everybody? So, I am super stoked to announce my new product launch of KD Merch! KD stands for Kimmie Designs.

My heart behind this is I understand a lot of people at this time who enjoy my maps aren't really in a position to purchase an entire painted piece - but they still have the same passion for Houston and Texas as I do - and they want to be able to have something, a little something.

So what I did was created magnets and ornaments, those you have seen a little bit of on my social media. They are teeny little, tiny little, Texas maps. I've got magnets, I've got ornaments, the ribbons will be added and you can add your own ribbon if you want to. These are about to be live on my website so you can order those there. There is also an option where you don't have to pay for shipping, you can just pick it up from my studio, so you can come on and grab it, whatever one you want.

Now, the thing about the magnets and the ornaments is each one is hand painted, handmade, which means there is only going to be one of each. So, get them when they're there - if you see a color or a pattern that you like you need to go get it. I can also take custom orders so if you really love a certain pattern or color or sports team, whatever it may be, I can make a custom one for you so you just have to reach out to me and I can get that started.

But, the biggest announcement of all, haven't talked about it yet whatsoever anywhere on my social media is the launch of my hats. Oh my gosh y'all I have been sitting on this since Feb where I got with my guy, where I created this logo, and he put it on a hat, and these are freaking dope. But then Covid happened. And I was like, "this is not a great time to be selling hats, like nobody is ready to buy a hat, nobody needs a hat." But, I'm like "you know what, we are in what, month four of Covid? It's time for these hats to get out there!"

So this is my KD merch logo. We've got the houston map. People are like 'what are those colors for, why are those there in those particular sections of the map?' It's just my brand colors y'all, like this does not symbolize certain areas on the map but all of my maps are always very balanced and so I balanced out my logo as well.

So right now you got the KD Merch hat, also available online so getcha hat, get your ornament, get your magnets. Whoo! KD Merch!

A Personal Note from Me

Hey y'all! I am so stoked to announce the launch of my new product line. I have a very strange obsession with maps and I love Texas with my whole heart. I understand that sometimes those that share my love for the two are not yet in a place to purchase large scale artwork. With that being said, I wanted to share my passion through smaller items. I have no idea if you will like them, I have no idea if they will sell, what I do know is I had a blast making these and it brings me great joy to see my artistic style in a miniature version. 

I hope you stick a magnet on your fridge and think about how wonderful Texas is, all the awesome places you got to visit or have a dream to get to. Maybe you'll think about the Astros, or the Rockets, or Blue Bell ice cream. I don't care what you love about Texas I just know all of it is perfect. 


I hope you hang your ornament all year round so you can always remind yourself of how you live in literally the greatest state of all time. What other state has a month long Rodeo, multiple terrains like desert and forest, easy access to beaches, and one of the most rich histories in America?


My biggest pride and joy are my hats. I developed this new logo as part of my own branding strategy. My vision is for people to see the outline and be like, OMG that's Houston. Or even better yet, that looks like a Kimmie Designs map! You bet your bottom dollar it is! I hope you wear this with your own personal pride of the best city on Earth. Our stories may not match of how we got here, but I know for sure you cannot help but love this place. 




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