Kimmie Designs One Year Anniversary


It's been one year since Kimmie Designs launched with the very first Instagram post. I could go on and on about this year in review but long story short, this year has been long AF. Looking back it seems like I've fit six years into one which I suppose can be a good thing. Launching a business, art markets, shows, murals, a ton of maps, collaborations, a new studio, and refining my own SEO skills.


My one year anniversary post will be my 269th post. Hashtags are the death of me, the algorithms suck, maintaining followers is a B, gaining followers is a bigger B, engaging with others is a chore, but we all play the game. If you know me, I am not someone to scroll through social media endlessly, I don't keep up with the latest trends, I usually don't know what people are talking about when they reference something, in fact, most would say that I have lived under a rock for quite some time. But I really like my rock. I like being in my space and getting in the zone with my art. 


It's been interesting sharing my process with the world. Having to be exposed and vulnerable is not a walk in the park. In all of my posts and stories my favorites are the raw and candid footage. My "bloopers" featured story keeps me grounded and the best feedback comes from those that have seen it.


In honor of being raw and transparent I will be honest and admit I have battled with a big, giant comparison issue for a very long time. Social media is the devil when it comes to having things you don't actually want to see right in your face. During this year long journey I have to remember to stay in my own lane. No one else in this world is Kimmie but me. 


Throughout this blog post I have sprinkled in little gems of pictures from my photoshoot that obviously didn't turn out the way I would have liked. Huge props to bloggers who have the stamina to go out with multiple outfits and can take hundreds of pictures. Yeah, not me. I am borderline Tomboy who would much rather be in an oversized T or workout clothes with my hair in a giant birds nest on top of my head. I don't care for makeup, I don't even own a makeup brush. 


I wanted to 'paint a picture' so to speak that this is the reality of life. You expect things to go one way but they usually do not. Things get messy, things get ugly, and giant pandemics might come out of nowhere. But I want to encourage somebody that even so, you are still the most beautiful and perfect you. And guess what? Everyone else also has their faults and issues they have to battle with too. 


So go do something fun. Do what makes YOU happy. I challenge you to make a post with honest intent, something raw, a way to shine your light onto the world.

With all my love,



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