Marketing Yourself as an Artist

We are all very busy bees out here making all this artwork and having big dreams to get it seen and sold. How can you balance both though and how can we do this without spending too much cash if art hasn't been sold yet? 

Marketing for Artists

I'll go over a few thaaangs including digital and print platforms. It is important to first figure out what it is you want to accomplish and the image you wish to portray. I'll be speaking from my personal brand and preferences so feel free to take this and turn it into more of what you need for your brand. 

Know You Brand. Know Your Image.

Kimmie Designs. That's my business name, but I sign everything as kimmie. Also if you notice I never capitalize the k in kimmie when it's by itself. This is part of the brand. My logo is actually my signature from when I was a kid. I literally had my mom dig into my artwork she saved over the years and sent me a picture so I could replicate it and digitize it.


kimmie as a brand is innocent, carefree, explorative, curious, and innovative.  My colors are teal, orange, and red. Orange and red come from my OG map of Houston and teal is contrasting and I love a good contrast. My website follows these colors and the imagery as well. My Instagram is always portrayed on brand as colorful, playful, and carefree. 

My point of saying all of this is to really say no matter what marketing efforts I do, it needs to follow this image. 

Digital Marketing Stuff

I could be doing a crap ton more, and one day I will, when I hire a marketing manager to do all this for me. I'm speaking that into existence. For now, I utilize my website, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.


SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. See my homepage!

Google My Business:

SEO purposes, Google image search, business updates. Check it out!


Exposure, my network is a decent size and I want to instill in people's brains that if they ever need a map or a mural I will be the first one to come to mind. I utilize my professional page and I also created a business page for Kimmie Designs. Connect with me!


Branding, exposure, updates, ads. Follow me!


Exposure, utilizing my network similar to LinkedIn. I have a personal page and also a business page. Like my page!

More I could do but my head would explode:

Facebook ads, email marketing, Google ads, etc

Print Marketing Goodies

These items are the most fun to create and I'll discuss all the resources I use. If you know some awesome resources PLEASE share the wealth in the comments.

Business Cards

My all time favorite company to use is Moo. They had me at the name (I'm obsessed with cows) but their selection is to die for and the system is super user friendly - they are just a smiiiiidge more expensive. 


These were my first mini's. I love them but the truth of the matter is people needed a magnifying glass to read my contact info. I finally used up my last ones and so I just made some more that I think are just the I was able to choose multiple designs for the front so I chose three of my Houston maps. The back has all my info on it. PS - I got a Google Voice number so I could have a Houston area code AND I can better track where my customers are coming from.


Canva is also a trusty source. A lot of my magic happens on this platform. But they have business card templates and they are CHEAP to make. You can get 100 cards for $17. I know a lot of people also use VistaPrint and they have great pricing as well.


I made mine on Canva. These I have ready if I ever have a pop up shop or I am at a market. Sometimes you will have people who really like your work but are not in a position to buy just yet. A brochure can have a lot more information than a business card that also helps reflect your brand and your entire array of products and services. 



This I made through VistaPrint. I can't believe how cheap it was. This I only use during markets because I want to display my mural services which is hard to do in a tent filled with paintings and prints. 


Logo Stamp

Man I freaking love my stamp. I got it made through The Stamp Maker. The reason I got this is because originally I wanted to have tote bags made with my logo on it but when I calculated that cost I was like NOPE I am not ready for that yet. So a cheaper way about that is to buy little paper bags with handles and then stamp my logo on all of them. 



I got these made through Sticker Mule. They were amazing at communication and went back and forth with me until I had my art just right before they printed. I have these on the back of my prints so when they make it to their new home it is a little reminder to the buyer to send me a picture or follow my Instagram. 



I have not done these yet, let me know if any of y'all have had success with this. I would like to create postcards to mail out (also do not know how companies get giant lists of addresses). These can have all my info, highlight some work, and especially promote my mural services. 

What have we learned?

Marketing is super fun but it is a lot of work and takes time to build. Focus on one thing at a time and do not feel like you have to do all of these things all at once - that would be tremendously expensive. All of us make absolutely beautiful artwork and we want people to see it. Make a list of your action items with a reasonable timeline and get to work!

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