abstrAct ink Introduces Houston Art Classes for Kids

abstrAct ink is finally launching its Pilot Program! Houston Artist & Muralist and previous art teacher, Kimmie Gillespie has partnered with Anthony Hurlburt, Academic Recovery Coordinator of Fine Arts for KIPP Texas Schools to create an interactive, hands-on, art program for students of all ages. 

abstrAct ink Age Groups

We will be conducting classes for 5 different age groups. Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 (beginner), and 11-12 College Portfolio Prep. 

Fields of Study 

Each group will learn age-appropriate techniques, discover new materials, explore artistic styles and perspectives, connect with art history, and take a well-crafted art piece home with them at the end of the class. 

Examples of materials used:

+chalk pastels
+oil pastels
+acrylic paint
+watercolor paint

Students will leave the art class with the following:

+One final, framed, piece of art worthy of hanging
+All drafts of artwork so parents can understand artistic process and students can remember and replicate in future projects
+A summary of artist/artists learned, techniques utilized, and materials discovered

The College Portfolio class is far more advanced. This is catered towards students who want to study art in college but have not had the chance to fine-tune their skills and create a portfolio of work to showcase for scholarship opportunities.
Students in this class will have one on one instruction and mentorship in addition to learning the business of art in order to follow a successful career path.

Students will leave the college prep class with the following:

+Five complete works of art
+A portfolio to house & protect the art
+One-on-one virtual follow-up sessions with instructors

abstrAct ink Pilot Program

We are launching abstrAct ink on a small scale. Classes are very limited, capping students at 12 per age group, and providing one class during holiday breaks on the school calendar. We have plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring breaks. Summer break is still being planned but will have more class offerings.
If you participate in our Pilot Program, your child will be able to attend at a discount rate. Your child's participation will have an important impact on the growth of the company to eventually have a brick-and-mortar studio and expand into more Houston school districts and programs across the state.  

Houston Art Class Pricing

Age Group Class Duration Standard Price Pilot Program Price
Grades K-2 2.5 Hours* $139 $98
Grades 3-5 3 Hours $165 $138
Grades 6-8 2.5 Hours $175 $124
Grades 9-12 2.5 Hours $175 $124
11th & 12th College Prep

6 sessions: 4 hours day one, 2.5 hours days two & three, 2 virtual check ins, and one final 2.5 hour in person session

$750 $598
*Parents must stay for the first 30-45 min or until your child is calm & settled.
Pricing includes all materials and final take home piece. 

Upcoming Art Class Offerings 

Classes will be held at Kimmie Designs' home studio located in Independence Heights, just outside of Oak Forest (i610 & Ella Blvd). 

+Thanksgiving Break - Nov 21st through 23rd
+Christmas Break - Dec 19th through 21st and Dec 27th through 29th
+Spring Break - March 13th through 17th

Example Calendar (NOT OFFICIAL)

9/21 Monday Morning: Grades 3-5
9/21 Monday Mid-Day: College Prep
9/21 Monday Afternoon: College Prep Cont.
9/22 Tues Morning: Grades 6-8
9/22 Tues Mid-Day: College Prep Cont.
9/22 Tues Afternoon: Grades 9-12
9/23 Wed Morning: Grades K-2
9/23 Wed Mid-Day: Break
9/23 Wed Afternoon: Grades 3-5
9/24 Thurs: Thanksgiving Break
9/25 Friday: Thanksgiving Break

Pre-Register for Houston Art Classes 

We would love to know your interest so we may begin planning full lessons and material costs. Your pre-registration gives you first dibs on class sign-up once the official schedule becomes available. This also helps us determine which age groups are most popular so we can open up more class time slots for that group.

Get to Know Kimmie Gillespie

Kimmie began her professional career in Aldine ISD after graduating with a degree in Early Childhood Education from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She taught Direct Instruction Kindergarten at Reece Academy for two years and then became the art teacher at the same campus; teaching PreK and Kindergarten art to both Direct Instruction students and Montessori. 
She pursued her Master's of Business Administration (MBA) from The University of Houston, focusing on Marketing and Leadership Development. Upon graduation, she left education to step into the corporate world. Working in digital marketing and sales, and now a full-time real estate agent. 
In 2018 Kimmie founded Kimmie Designs where she creates abstract maps and designs & creates murals in both residential and commercial spaces. 
Kimmie has longed to intertwine both her love for children and art with her business and marketing skills. She has been working and planning with Anthony to launch abstrAct ink for the past two years.  


Get to Know Anthony Hurlburt

Anthony Hurlburt is a tech savvy art educator and works as the Academic Recovery Coordinator of Fine Arts for KIPP Texas Public Schools. They have over 8 years of experience in art education and over 15 years of experience in the arts.
Anthony attended college for his B.F.A. at the Kansas City Art Institute, and is currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Art Education from the University of Florida.
They are passionate about art education because they see art as a means to celebrating diversity and individuality; as well as being an integral part of teaching children to embrace self expression.


Future Plans for abstrAct ink

We have so many big plans in store! We want to incorporate all types of art including photography and digital, offer classes for PreK students, partner with school districts to develop full after school programs, establish a home-base in Houston in a brick and mortar building to offer full galleries and shows, partner with local Houston artists, and provide scholarships & internships for students. You can help us get there! Pre-Register your child for upcoming classes today!