Mural Services Katy Texas

Katy, Texas is a neighborhood on the west side of Houston, located outside of Beltway 8 near the Grand Parkway 99 Loop. This town has so much to do from a variety of restaurants, bars, parks, phenomenal neighborhoods, and a high quality school district. Katy is a great place to raise a family or own a business.  

kimmie provides mural services in Katy for both indoor & outdoor murals as well as commercial & residential murals.


Does your place of business need a new look? Do you wish your office or establishment created a unique atmosphere where your employees and clients will be left in awe? Do you want your child to have a magical place to play and grow up? Allow kimmie to create a masterpiece that will last for years to come!


Katy Mural Services

Katy Restaurant & Bar Murals

Murals create a unique atmosphere for your bar or restaurant. In this day and age many guests and customers seek a new environment with a fresh vibe. Some customers come to the location simply to get an infamous social media photo to let their followers know they went there. There are many rules and regulations when it comes to what is allowed to be behind the bar but wouldn’t it be great to have a beautiful mural painted behind the shelving that follows safety standards?



Katy School Murals

When school walls are painted from top to bottom it creates an entirely new world for students, teachers, and staff to walk the hallways, enter the cafeteria, or spend time in the teacher’s lounge. With fire safety standards cutting into the amount of paper and art allowed on the walls, why not create something more colorful and lively but follows those safety standards?



Katy Children’s Room & Nursery Murals

Your child spends so much time in their bedrooms playing with friends, toys, & creating their own adventures. Their bedroom walls can assist in establishing a new world for them that can last for years to come. Similarly, nurseries are darling spaces where you get to enjoy those precious first months with your newborn baby. Keep the magic alive with a mural that will last from birth to early adolescence as your child grows up.



Other Works by Kimmie

If a mural is too permanent or too large of a project to take on and are looking for unique artwork to be hung check out kimmie’s collection of abstract maps. Maps include Houston, Texas, & Ohio with more coming soon. If you would like a custom map created kimmie is happy to commission an amazing masterpiece just for you.