Thoughts of an Artist Blog

  • Black Lives Matter: Speaking Out Using Art

    kimmie created her first political piece about police brutality in Houston using her artistic talent to speak out about Black Lives Matter. The names on this piece are of black people in Houston killed by police. Learn about the process of creating the art and plans for auctioning and donating proceeds.
  • Comparing My Life to Frozen 2

    I had been feeling really down about my online business success. As an artist it is really not easy to be found in a general search but I had done everything in my power to optimize my site and images. I was beginning to believe the only way I could sell was through outdoor markets but during Covid-19 those are not really happening. One night I received a notification from Shopify that someone had placed an order and I couldn't even believe my eyes. I captured my raw thoughts and feelings on camera, sorry for the terrible lighting - one of these days I am going to get a ring light.
  • Making the Most Out of COVID-19

    See what kimmie has accomplished during this Pandemic Season. Be encouraged to reflect on your own journey through this difficult time of life and find the positives out of all of it.
  • Kimmie Designs One Year Anniversary

    kimmie shares her inner thoughts of this past year. Feelings & secrets exposed with enouragement for others to shine their light.