Artwork for Offices

We spend the majority of our time in the office. You decorate this space with knick knacks, memorabilia, and art of things that bring you joy. Whether you have cubicle, an open concept desk space, a corporate office needing to spruce up the break room or front desk area, or someone who works from home, you can shop from kimmie's unique map art.


Art for Corporate & Home Offices

If you are ready to wow your clients or coworkers and design a space that truly matches your taste then kimmie can help you reach your goal. kimmie's artwork looks fantastic on the wall in the hallway, above the front desk, in the break room, or in a frame on your desk or wall space. Different sizes are available depending on the dimensions of your wall or space. Larger pieces look best featured by themselves whereas small pieces work well among other art or desk knick knacks.     



Do you want art in other areas of your home?

Artwork is a wonderful way to to add character to your personalized space. kimmie has artwork excellent for your home or office, and has examples of where to hang her prints & original painted canvas in your:

Office Art Placement Gallery Examples

aggie-office-art texas-art-for-offices
conference-room-art university-of-houston-office-art
texas-home-office-art black-and-gold-art-for-office
home office-houston-artwork waiting-room-artwork
houston-rockets-office-art black-and-gold-texas-art-for-offices
cool-houston-art-for-office cool-home-office-artwork
front-desk-office-artwork houston-artwork-for-office

Framing the Artwork

Adding a frame to your print or canvas painting truly makes all the difference. The frame not only enhances the artwork but also speaks to your personality and taste. Affordable frames can be found at any local craft store or you can search online to find an exact color you have in mind. For custom frames kimmie recommends taking either the print or canvas to your local frame shop.

How Do I Know Which Wall is Best?

Smaller sized art looks best in more compact wall spaces or with other wall knick knacks such as quote letter boards, unique wall decorations, and other framed photos. Larger sized art deserves all the glory on the wall to create a focal point to your space. 

Matching Sets

Buying a set of kimmie's artwork provides a cohesive theme to your office. For example, buy a large Texas print and a small Houston print and you allow your friends and family that you are a die-hard Texan. 

Current Map Print Offerings:




Can't find the map you are looking for? kimmie has the ability to customize anything with a commissioned piece. These are a few examples of custom maps created for buyers.

  • Virginia
  • Paris
  • Dallas Ft. Worth

If you do not want an original canvas painting you can vote for what map you'd like kimmie to create next and then prints will be available for purchase.