Artwork for Kitchens

You spend a lot of time in the kitchen working hard to make wonderful meals for you and your family. Often times friends and family hang out around the kitchen while food is being made. Why not have pleasing and unique items for you and your guests to look at? 


Art for Kitchens

There are many nooks and crannies that are ideal for artwork to be hung. A popular place is above the stove or on a small wall below cabinets. Your kitchen may also be luxurious enough to have a larger wall space at the entrance to your kitchen. 

Add a beautiful piece of art to your kitchen. Choose from a matted or a non matted print. Matted prints have white space around the art where non matted does not. When ordering a print, you have the option to go to a frame shop and get the print professionally matted and framed or buy one already matted and ready to be placed in a frame.

Choosing A Frame

kimmie recommends choosing a frame with contrasting colors to the art to make the piece pop. You can never go wrong with a nice wooden frame. Affordable frames can be found at any craft store or where ever you shop for supplies.

Choose from the following to place in your kitchen:

Would you like a different location? Begin the commission process and kimmie will work with you to decide a location and color scheme. Locations can be any city, state, bike trail, hiking trail, metro route, etc. If it has a map kimmie can design it!