Artwork for Bathrooms

Whether you realize it or not, you spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom. Depending on which bathroom, your guests often utilize your bathroom and pay attention to the decor. Your guest bathroom should always be appealing to your guests and represent your family's character. Why not spruce it up with some artwork designed by kimmie?

Placing Artwork in Your Bathroom

Many bathrooms usually have a space above the towel rack, adjacent to the shower, or even above or next to the mirror.


Choose from either matted or non matted artwork. Matted means there will be white space between the print and the frame. Non-matted means there will not be any material between the art and the frame. 


When choosing a frame, kimmie suggests finding a frame with contrasting colors to the art to make it pop. You can also never go wrong with a classic wood frame. Frames can be found at any local craft store or any where you frequently shop for home goods.

Available Prints

Would you like a different location? Begin the commission process and kimmie will work with you to decide a location and color scheme. Locations can be any city, state, bike trail, hiking trail, metro route, etc. If it has a map kimmie can design it!