Black & White Map Artwork

kimmie knows this bold pattern may not work with all home decor so she created a black & white color scheme for both the Houston and Texas map prints. This color palette works well with all kinds of home furniture or wall decorations but still captures true Texan pride. The color scheme works well in a living room or dining room to be sure it receives as many staring eyes as possible. Smaller prints look amazing in a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. This color palette is available in both Texas and Houston map prints.

How Map Colors Are Created

kimmie uses acrylic paints. She usually buys about 3 shades of each color: blacks, greys, silvers, and whites. The modeling paste she uses is also white which aids in blending of the colors. The silver acrylic paint creates a shiny and industrial look to the piece.

Each section of her maps has a different shade and a different pattern. When kimmie is creating each section they are not completely planned out. Using her artistic talents she ensures the piece remains in a perfect balance. 

kimmie likes to use a vast difference in light and dark colors for the abstract highway and road lines since it acts as an eye catching barrier between all the unique patterns.

Black & White Map Location Options

kimmie currently has both Houston and Texas maps available in the black & white color palette. Do you love this color scheme but want a different location? kimmie can create a custom piece just for you.

This is an example of a commissioned piece where the buyer wanted the black and white color scheme but with a hint of red. The map is of Dallas - Ft. Worth, Texas.


Black & White Map Artwork Prints

Prints are high-quality images of the original artwork. Prints are available for both Houston and Texas.


It is recommended to get the prints matted and framed at a local frame shop for the artwork to look it's absolute best but it can be framed as is without a mat. Some frames at your favorite craft store come with a build in mat.